Thank you!

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 (Above is a collection of some of our favorite photos from this year!)

For weeks, I struggled with creating the proper form of gratitude and departure from my responsibilities within the CA team. For the past academic year, I oversaw the social platforms the team were involved with. Some initiatives were successful, others were failures, but all are lessons I treasure deeply. Through this experience, I discovered more about myself than expected, but that wasn’t the highlight of this time. It was discovering and learning the stories from students, staff, faculty, and community members. It was developing relationships that changed my life.

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Spring Commencement 2017

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We typically hear the jingle “It’s the most wonderful time of the year” during the holidays, since it is a Christmas song. But, during this weekend of commencement ceremonies, it felt like this moment was the most wonderful time of the year.

This weekend was filled with eleven ceremonies, each highlighting the struggles our students overcame and successes our students worked hard for. Graduation season is easily one of the best things our team is involved with simply due to the pride and happy tears both students and families share. We have the privilege of witnessing the nervousness students face as they walk into Swinney and the excitement of families waiting for their graduates.
So, we must thank you all for letting us be part of this moment of your lives. From the photos we take of you from different angles to find the most flattering one to fixing your cap and stole, thank you for letting us play a small part on such a big day.

To our graduated Roos, you are now alumni! Wherever life takes you from here, we know you will exceed all expectations. Never forget to #RooUp and reach out if you ever need a helping hand. We are so proud of each and every one of you and cannot wait to see what you all will accomplish! We wish you luck with all your endeavors, Class of 2017!

With #Roo pride and love,

P.S. There are a plethora of perks you should check out at the Alumni Association’s website!


As you study and conquer finals, don’t forget to take breaks and take care of yourself! Power naps and walks are definitely encouraged. We suggest unwinding at one of our favorite spots: the Union’s rooftop terrace. You got this!


Sun’s out, smiles out!
Happy Friday, everyone! We hope you all have a weekend filled with fun and successful prep for finals!


Thank you for spending your Thursday morning with us, Santa Fe Middle! We had so much fun answering your questions and showing you all campus on this wonderful day. We hope you never stop answering phenomenal questions and join our Roo family in the future. Your #RooUp skills are quite impeccable!


Shout out to UMKC’s Union Programming Board for the awesome #RooUp hoodie! Love seeing a hashtag come to life. Trade a piece of branded clothing from another university or an old UMKC shirt for new #Roo gear at Jazzman’s stage! Check out their page for future giveaways and events!

UMKC Preview Days

Over this past academic year, we have been a part of six Preview Days at UMKC, today being the last. It was quite nostalgic to look back at the progress and success we accomplished. We kicked off our very first Preview Day on October 17th and stuck with the slogan, “Got a question? Ask a yellow polo!” and ended our last Preview Day on April 14th (today) saying goodbye to some of our Ambassadors. Rather than getting too sappy and bittersweet, below are some of our favorite photos from these program days! We always try our best to post photos with all of us smiling at the same camera, so these can be considered as behind-the-scenes shots!

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Happy Birthday, Katie!

Please join us as we wish a happy happy birthday to Katie!

Thank you for bringing such joy to our team! Your kindness and selflessly is always noticed and appreciated in our team. Even though we sometimes say no, hand holding is definitely crucial to our team’s bond!