Experience UMKC


On March 10th, we welcomed admitted students and family members to campus for Experience UMKC. As the website explains, this is an all-day event for students to “experience firsthand what it is like to be a UMKC Roo!”

Students spent the day exploring campus, meeting academic representatives, touring classrooms, and discovering organizations and resources at UMKC. When registering for the event, students choose sessions to partake in and ultimately create their own schedule for the day.

Families also experienced the college student dilemma of deciding what to eat for lunch. Everyone received Roo Bucks, which could be used on any on-campus dining facility (e.g. Baja Fresh, Starbucks, Chik-Fil-A) and certain restaurants off-campus (e.g. Sahara, Pickleman’s).

Although a long day packed with events and walking, Experience UMKC is an opportunity for students and families to decide whether UMKC is a home for them. As Campus Ambassadors, it is always a joy to see students we toured campus with back at UMKC. It is even more exciting when students commit and register for Orientation after a day of being a Roo.

Thank you to all of the alumni, presenters, Orientation Leaders (OL), and faculty for making this day memorable. Here’s to making the next Experience UMKC event on April 10th even greater! Below are some photos from this amazing day!

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