Court Warming 2017


For the first time in CA history, our team participated in Court Warming this year! On behalf of the Campus Ambassador team, Tina was our candidate. With a theme of movies, it was a week of activities, #Roo pride, and hard work.

Court warming kicked off on February 11th at Municipal Auditorium, where all the candidates were introduced. University News, UMKC’s student independent newspaper wrote an article that featured some of the candidates!

Tina – second from right; Photo courtesy of University News

After kickoff came a week of costume contests, trivia night, button making, online voting, and bubble soccer. However, the highlight, and final event, of the week was a talent show called “Yell Like Hell”. At Yell Like Hell, candidates showed off their skills to make the crowd scream for them.

With movies in mind, the team created a skit featuring Tina, as a CA, welcoming a new student (CA Anita) to campus and showing them the journey of a UMKC student. It started off with graduating from high school and attending Convocation to attending classes and completing an online assignment on WebAssign. There where dance breaks and popular phrases scattered throughout the skit. Some of the movies featured were Harry Potter, Lion King, and Mean Girls.


Although the team was ridden with nerves, they performed the skit perfectly and left the stage with smiles. With multiple brainstorming sessions and practices stretching to late nights, it was a thrill to have won Yell Like Hell.


Onto the next day, Saturday, the day of crowning 2017′s Kangaroo King or Queen, the team had an event prior to halftime. Before seeing Tina on the huge monitor at Municipal Auditorium, we welcomed high school students taking dual credit courses and their family members. In collaboration with the High School College Partnership program, students and families met with representatives from their major of interest.

After raffles, creating spirit posters for the basketball game, and a successful group photo, the families and the team headed over to the game. At halftime, all of the Roo Royalty candidates walked onto the court to find out it was a three way tie between Alpha Delta Pi, Chi Omega, and the Campus Ambassador team!


Our team wants to thank all the organizations and organizers for their kindness, patience, and support! It was the first time we participated in this week and to be welcomed so warmly was a testament to “UMKC is home”!


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