Along the Line


On February 17th, the team attended a showing of Along the Line: The Peaceful Transition of Power. It is described as “a rapid-fire theatrical response to a specific moment in history and is directed by Heidi Van.

The performance featured several short plays by Kansas City Playwrights and dance pieces choreographed by Katarina Fitzpatrick. UMKC students acted and managed the show. CA Claire stage managed Along the Line, which she learned how to do in less than four weeks! Check out the awesome photo she took to remember this amazing moment!


Our team absolutely enjoyed the show and discourse that resulted from every playwright. Each piece made us think about current news and truly reflect on our position in society. More than anything, we thank the phenomenal cast for being raw and honest in their acting. Many pieces resonated with each of us, while others encouraged necessary conversations.

Sincerely, thank you.

(And Claire, we are so proud of you!)


If you still have the opportunity, there is one show left at 2PM tomorrow! Head over to the Living Room for an unforgettable show!


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