One month of school has passed and so many things have happened across our campus! Here’s a summary of some of the amazing events and accomplishments on our campus!

However, before we dive into this past month, please welcome our three new CAs, Azikiwe, Katie, and Natalie, to our family this semester. Thank you for joining our team! It’s exciting to see our new Ambassadors giving tours on campus and rocking that yellow polo!

January 25th
Since 2009, the Division of Diversity and Inclusion has invited speakers for the Martin Luther King Lecture Series. These individuals have contributed tremendously to furthering civil rights and provide insight and advocacy to current issues of education, economic, and justice system inequalities. This year (the ninth annual lecture), the university invited Sister Souljah, who has fought against police brutality, miseducation in urban areas, and racially motivated crimes. Check out UMKC written articles for more details!

February 3rd
The Henry W. Bloch School of Management hosted DECA’s district contest. We welcomed several local schools to compete and show off their skills in marketing, finance, hospitality and management. Check out Bloch’s Instagram for some photos of the day!

February 11th
For the very first time in history, our team is participating in Court Warming!
CA Tina is representing us and we are so excited to be part of this campus tradition! Too Royalty candidates were introduced on February 11th at Municipal Auditorium. On the following week, there are several events the candidates participate in, such as bubble soccer and trivia night. However, the event everyone looks forward to is Yell Like Hell, which is a talent show where the candidates perform according to the theme, which is movies this year. On February 17th at Municipal Auditorium, we will find out the top two candidates, who will be Kangaroo King or Queen!

February 16th

  • CA Claire learned how to manage her first theater show ever these past four weeks! She describes the show, Along the Ride, “as a rapid response to a specific moment in history [and] is directed by the amazing Heidi Van”. The show runs from Thursday, February 16th, through Saturday at 8PM and Sunday, February 19th at 2PM at the Living Room Theater. Half of the proceeds benefit American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)! Tickets can be purchased online or in person.
  • The Women’s Center hosted several events throughout January and February about the V-Day Global Movement, which aims to end violence against women and girls. The center hosted information tables across campus, workshops, film screenings, book displays, and performance of The Vagina Monologues. CA Natalie performed in the show and said that it was an amazing experience and everyone should audition next year! Check out the Women’s Center website for future events and limited edition gear! All proceeds go towards sponsoring future events!

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