Meet Stacy!








Health Sciences
Hometown: Kansas City, MO
What are your career goals?
I hope to give back to the communities that have showered me with love and support. Although my interest lies in medicine, my passion revolves around spreading happiness and positivity, which I aspire to do with my work!

Why did you choose UMKC?
UMKC is close to home and cares about our success. The opportunities here are endless! They range from great financial aid to resources focused on jumpstarting ideas to 100+ clubs to join. Also, the alumni network is top notch with members always offering a helping hand!
What are you involved with on campus?
I am a member of the Pre-Medical Society and Bachelor of Health Sciences Society at UMKC, and of course, a CA!

What’s your favorite thing about UMKC?
I always acknowledge the phenomenal health sciences faculty before mentioning the rooftop terrace at the Student Union and massage chairs (kindly provided by MindBody Connection)! After indulging in epidemiology, I fulfill my CA responsibilities, then rush over to the Union to catch the sunset. Honestly, it’s the best way to end a long day.

What’s your favorite thing about KC?
 Kansas City is a great city filled with kind people and lots of free things to do, but the BBQ. Oh gosh. It’s perfect. Life changing, honestly!

May you share a fun fact with us? I am currently training for a half-marathon series that begins in April. Please send positive thoughts to all the runners!
What is your ultimate comfort meal or food?
There’s nothing a bowl of rice, spam, and eggs can’t fix.

So you’ve been doing this college thing for a while now. Any advice for students?
I was slightly devastated when I found out this quote wasn’t said by Walt Disney, but attributed instead. However, it still remains true to college, life, and beyond, which is “If you can dream it, you can do it.
Do not limit yourself nor be afraid to succeed. Approach your studies seriously and wisely. Start your day early. Remember to take care of yourself. Eat and rest; your books will be there when you wake up. Seek for help, regardless of how insignificant or burdening you may deem it to be. Trust me; the right people won’t hesitate to lend a listening ear and offer hugs. And always, take deep breaths and smile!


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