Meet Jaanvi!


Major: Finance
Hometown: Dubai, United Arab Emirates (U.A.E)
What are your career goals?
I am currently a finance major, who is acting in a play. For starters, I have planned various internships that would support my career and play a great role in providing the much needed knowledge to draw a path towards achieving my goal as an investment banker. For this, my goal is to intern at Northwest Mutual, which provides an aid in financial planning and life insurance. This firm is prominent in providing a good real-world experience to the interns. Moreover, Kansas City, being a great metropolitan hub, has over the few years started many small scale businesses. However, now I am open to doing what makes me happy. Nevertheless, I love acting as much as I love finance. With this intention, my goal in life is to give my best and work hard. Furthermore, my career goal is to pursue a job and profession that makes me ultimately happy in life.

Why did you choose UMKC?
I was born and brought up in Dubai. However, I had decided that I wanted to break through my shell and explore other cities (well in my case continents). Hence, I was determined to going abroad and coming to America. With a lot of arguing and tantrums, I applied to various universities in the United States. Amongst them I got an acceptance letter from University of Arlington and University of Pennsylvania. Then again, my aim was to explore other countries and my self. With this in mind, I needed to be on a university that encouraged diversity in all the ways possible and also gave the best exposure to its students. For this purpose, I researched about the Bloch school and the various organizations that are a apart of it. Many of these organizations encourage new business ideas and different clubs like DSP and Enactus, along with the professors work to implement on these innovative ideas. Also, I was aware of the different meet ups that take place to motivate students to work towards their potential ventures at the Bloch, while enhancing a person’s professional career. Ultimately, all these factors influenced my decision of choosing UMKC.

What are you involved with on campus?
Since my Freshman year, I have believed in sheer involvement to gain experience that can create a better future and enable me to critically think. Firstly, I undertook the financial decisions for the Residential Council. Our team constituted of seven members and we organised events for the residents, these events required a budget that I prepared by analysing the cost of goods required with the estimated number of people. Moreover, I am Delta Sigma Pi (DSP) brother in good standing. DSP is a renown business fraternity that believes in creating a professional environment, along with recognising the importance of giving back to the community. Additionally, I am the member of Enactus, this organisation gives UMKC students a chance to compete internationally. By promoting various business projects that the organisation sponsors. Correspondingly, I volunteered in setting up events for various businesses, that ranged from start ups to well established businesses. Currently, I am a part of the UMKC mock trial. Not to mention, the importance of law in today’s world. Every established person requires a lawyer and should be aware of the circumstances that a law suit creates. Keeping this in mind, I wanted to be a part of an imitational trial and gain experience, even though it is unconventional to my major.

What’s your favorite thing about UMKC?
My experience at UMKC is something I can never forget. I made friends of distinctive diversity. As an international student, I had prior assumptions and fear if I ever would be accepted in the environment at UMKC. However, I was welcomed in the best way possible and this experience has taught me that people are different form each other. In terms of race, gender, ethnic background and sexual orientation. Evidently, diversity is the best thing that can be observed at this university. Which makes us understand and accept one and other. In the past, I have been introduced to different people with different cultures and religious believes that has made me evolve as a person. This evolvement is required in today’s generation to make the world a better place.

What’s your favorite thing about KC?
The fact that it was able to give me a whole new life. Other than that I love the shopping in this city. To enumerate on this, shopping and eating are the two ways I release my stress and it is very convenient when I am living in KC. Keeping in mind the amazing stores, restaurants and other outlets.

May you share a fun fact with us?

I am an international student from Dubai, who moved to Kansas for university and is currently very happy with her decision. This is the best thing I could have ever wished for, being the first girl of the family this was a major step.
What is your ultimate comfort meal or food?
My ultimate comfort meal is the Arabic cuisine. It consists of cheese, zatar, labneh manakish. However, such food is not available in Kansas. Hence, I substitute that with dominos or pizza hut. Also, any thing that has cheese and chocolate.

So you’ve been doing this college thing for a while now. Any advice for students?
College is a big leap and everyday is a challenge. The best advice to all the other students would be to make each day count, as there might not be something good about everyday. However, there will always be something good about each day. So just go out there and live it yourself. Every person is distinctive and every person is going to have different experiences.


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