Meet Anita!


Major: Chemistry and English with an Emphasis on Classical, Medieval, and Early Modern Literature
Hometown: Kansas City, MO (born in Pristina, Serbia)
What are your career goals?
I’ve always wanted to do something in health care (except that one time, when as a kid, I definitely thought I could be a marine biologist in the middle of Missouri). I want to practice Psychiatry eventually, and hopefully, help people overcome episodes of trauma and past life experiences. Mental health is so undervalued, and yet, it’s one of the most crucial things to the holistic wellbeing of a person. I want to change views on mental health, and expand knowledge on it- it’s one of the most misunderstood aspects of health, one that, in particular, is ignored by many, and considered nonessential. I hope to be able to change this view, in any way, however small, and let people know that there’s nothing to be ashamed of when it comes to mental health and personal wellbeing.

Why did you choose UMKC?
UMKC was a school that offered an enormous amount of diversity, in people and in majors. I enjoyed the urban campus UMKC offered, but also, I appreciated the fact that I could major in two distinctly different things (Chemistry and English), without having to give up my passion for one due to schedule conflicts. The activities and organizations, and their variety, were also intriguing, and certainly helped solidify my decision to make UMKC the school for me.
What are you involved with on campus?
Pre-Medical Society, Welcome Center, Honors College, Omicron Delta Kappa, Roos Give Back, Pride Alliance, English Symposium 2016

What’s your favorite thing about UMKC?
Squirrels. Okay- actually, I really do like the diversity, but squirrels are probably my second favorite thing about UMKC for sure.

What’s your favorite thing about KC?
The Penguins at the KC Zoo!

May you share a fun fact with us?
Here’s three! I’ve gotten chased by a raccoon. I’m an English major who can’t spell. I still hope to get a Hogwarts letter.

What is your ultimate comfort meal or food?

So you’ve been doing this college thing for a while now. Any advice for students?
Choose a major that you’ve love, even if others question it. Life is limitless, possibilities are more endless that George RR Martin’s books, and anything that you want to do, you can. There is no time stamp on your own journey; there is no agenda to follow in pursuit of personal ambition. Everything that you want to do can be pursued in time, at your own pace, without having to adjust to pressures of society. Your goals should be infinite, and your ambition, likewise. In the words of Mean Girls, the limit does not exist.




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